online petiton

We’re happy to receive petitions from those who live, work or study in Three Rivers. The Council recognises that it has a duty to listen to the concerns of residents and others who have a stake in the District.

Sending in a petition is an important way to raise an issue you want us to act on. It must be relevant to some matter in relation to which the Authority has functions or which affects the area of the Authority or part of it, or the inhabitants of that area or some of them. To view further information and guidance on e-Petitions please follow this link.

However, if you have a service request such as a missed bin collection this can be dealt with more quickly using an online request form. View all our online forms use the A-Z of Services

The Council receives many petitions each year ranging from something that affects a few houses to a District-wide issue. If there’s something that you want the Council to improve, or a problem you want to bring to our attention, please create, view or sign a petition using the button below